In 1919-1922, refugees from Pontos, left in deep sorrow their ancestors’ hearths (regions of Trapezounta, Kars and more) and they have violently eradicated they came and settled in various parts of Greece , particularly in Macedonia. Our ancestors, along with their pain , their images and their memories , they passed on their customs, their traditions of their homeland, the rich cultural heritage, and they settled in this depopulated region of Serres. They worked hard and progressed, but never forgot the unforgettable homelands. Our association was founded in 1997 from members of the chorus of municipals songs, especially Pontiac once.

    In 1999 it was renamed as AKRITES, witch is also its current name. The association has the following programmes:
  1. Chorus of traditional songs of Pontos
  2. Groups for Pontiac Lyra (kementze) learning
  3. Children’s dancing groups
  4. Third age dancing groups and
  5. The main dancing group of our association with an important presence in the wider aerea of Serres, in the hole Hellenic regions (as in Santorini, Andros, Leykadas festival, Nauplion, Spetses, and many other places of our beautiful homeland), as well as abroad with an exceptional attendance in the events of the 5th International Festival of Tourism in Beijing,in far China and in Mediterranean International Folklore Festival (MIFF) in Slovenia.
The assiociation has a non-profitable character and aims to the intellectual, moral and aesthetic education of its members, as well as maintenance and spreading of the tradition of Pontos. It has a dynamic presence in the area of cultural activities, not only of our area, but also of the wider region, even with a presence abroad. (photos) (videos)

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